The IELTS Writing test is designed to assess a wide range of writing skills, including how well you:

  • write a response appropriately
  • organise ideas
  • use a range of vocabulary and grammar accurately

Description from British Council Website 2018

Describe a chart or diagram

Writing Part 1

In at least 150 words
Answer an essay question

Writing Part 2

In at least 250 words
IELTS Writing Exam Preparation


Improve your score in IELTS English writing part 1 and part 2.

Writing part 1 – Describe a chart or diagram in no less than 150 words

Writing part 2 – Answer an essay question in no less than 250 words

In this class you will learn how to structure and write excellent essays.

Things you learn

The key to writing an excellent IELTS essay is to firstly understand what the question is asking, secondly, to plan a structured answer and thirdly, to develop your arguments with relevant examples.

This class teaches you how to plan your essay, increases you vocabulary on typical IELTS topics and provides you with plenty of opportunity to receive feedback on your writing skills.

How soon can i book my test?

When you book your test, will depend on the score you are aiming to achieve, your current level and how much study time you can dedicate to exam preparation.

Your teacher will be happy to advise on timescales

The nearest exam centres are in London and Cambridge

Intensive or over a period of time?

You can choose whether to learn intensively or over a longer period of time.

If you want to do an intensive course just select multiple hours from our online booking system. 

You can request class content details at the time of booking 

This class is available book with the IELTS Class Pass 

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