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Confident Speakers Masterclass

The First Event September 2018
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Confident Speakers Masterclass is a 10 month course to help you build confidence and skill in public speaking.

On Wednesday we welcomed 12 people to the first session of our Confident Speakers Masterclass. We were all there to build confidence in our public speaking.

It was a fabulous evening with every single person taking to the “stage” to speak for a few minutes. Kevin Baggs was at the helm, sharing his extensive public speaking knowledge in a no nonsense, plain English style, peppered with humour and anecdotes.

We all overcame our initial reticence to step up and speak. The warm encouraging atmosphere and Kevin’s tips on how we could come across better to the audience got us all wanting to


Speeches and feedback

We heard a really interesting speech entitled; “London buses run on coffee” delivered confidently and fluently by Antonia Gazguez. It was a great opportunity to see and hear how a beautifully crafted speech can persuade us to action. In this case, Antonia encouraged us to think more carefully about how we reuse and recycle. It was also a great opportunity for Antonia to receive feedback on her speech from a professional public speaker.


First Impressions

You only get one chance to make a great first impression

The English Room theme for the week was First Impressions and our first impressions were fantastic. Every single person who came demonstrated great potential to become a confident speaker.

This was doubly impressive as we had a truly multicultural audience, coming from no less than 6 countries, including Italy, Spain, New Zealand, Croatia, Estonia and of course the UK. This meant that many of our confident speakers were speaking in their 2nd or even 3rd language. What a great inspiration to us all!

What people have been saying about the first event

“ I would be very interested in what Kevin has to say on the story telling part”

“I think this course will be a really good confidence boost for my friend”

“I wonder if there is a way that I could bring friend from Gatwick to the next session.”

“Not only Kevin is an amazing teacher, but I felt I really fit in the class.”

“Thanks for organising a fantastic event. I look forward to the next one in October!”

Why come to Confident Speakers?

It will help you with work presentations and meetings, sales pitches, job interviews, wedding speeches and any other time that you want to inspire, entertain or persuade your audience.

Next session: An Introduction to the Power of Storytelling October 10th at 7.30pm