Learning English has brought confidence and career success to these students from The English Room.

Antonia’s Story

Antonia’s journey from kitchen assistant to trainee accountant demonstrates how learning English with a specific goal in mind can make a whole lot of difference to your life. Let’s face it, it’s hard going after your career dreams in the UK , when English is not your native language.

Antonia has even written a blog about her experiences! Read Antonia’s Blog

When Antonia first started learning English with the English Room, she was very clear that she wanted to learn English to improve her career choices. She knew her English skills were holding her back. Therefore, her goal was to be able to express herself with confidence in the UK workplace. This was the essential ingredient to help her move on from the hospitality sector.

At The English Room, all our students are offered the chance to personalise their learning through our unique Blended Teaching Programme. For Antonia, this meant helping her with the right English skills for her journey. In the build up to finding the right job, we worked on helping her make career choices, CV writing language and interview skills. To prepare for the working environment we explored language for getting along well with people at work, British humour and meeting management. And finally, when Antonia landed her dream position as a trainee accountant, we started working on written business English, as the first step towards her moving up the accountancy ladder.